Bourbon Peach Tea Coolers

Ever since I posted my Boozy Lemon Sorbet & Ice Tea Floats recipe, I wanted to follow it up with a simpler recipe.

We were at Ikea a few weeks ago and I knew that I wanted to pick up some long ice cube molds. On Pinterest, I've seen some really adorable ideas for freezing fresh fruit in water -- I can't wait to do this when we move in the next coming weeks. Right now, we're trying our best to clear out the freezer!

These "coolers" (as I've titled them) are simple and delicious in iced tea. They freeze relatively quickly and provide a pop of flavor to your tea. You could do this with pineapple and other fruits too!

Bourbon Peach Tea Coolers
18 peach slices, skin removed
1-2 T. bourbon
water, as needed
1 long ice cube mold

Puree your peach slices and bourbon -- it's that easy! Carefully pour the batter into the long ice cube molds. Ripe peaches taste the best, so choose the peaches wisely.

Allow the mold to freeze overnight. When you use them in your drinks, there will be a small amount of peach puree in your tea as the coolers melt. The fresher your peaches are, the more your tea will taste like peach!

Enjoy this fun summer treat :-)