A Vegan Holiday: Final Round Up

This is hands-down one of the best things I've ever done.

This year has been really special to me.  I started my blog only six months ago, but it feels like much longer.  The people that I've met and the virtual friends I've made have been wonderful.  I now have a sounding board and support system of some amazing bloggers, and I know that our relationships will continue to grow over 2015.

I want to thank all of the blogs that participated in this year's first A VEGAN HOLIDAY campaign.  It was an experiment and I'm so glad we did it.  I want to extend a big THANK YOU to The Friendly Fig!  Sara and Bianca are two amazing ladies who I hope to meet in real-life someday.  (Sara - it will happen the next time I drive home to Pittsburgh!)  I couldn't have done this alone.  Their expertise and networking skills have been invaluable.  What they do for animals on a daily basis is nothing short of amazing and I'm glad we connected over the last year.

Now, it gives me great pleasure and a bit of sadness to present the last A Vegan Holiday round up.  Please continue to visit these blogs throughout 2015 - and we'll be back with another campaign next year!

Here's what caught my eye this week:

Allergy-Free Hippie Orange Poppyseed Cookies

Blissful Eating - Pre-Cleansing Basics - What to Do Before You Cleanse

A Quiet Vegan - Festive Spiced Nuts  

Bubbles and Booyah - Kick Ass Minestrone Soup

Earth Zen Mama - Dancer Legs Exercises

Free2Bake - Original Norwegian Melting Moments

The Friendly Fig - Cookie Butter Cheesecakes - No Bake!

The Grumpy Sailor Gluten-free Gingerbread Cookies

Joie de Vivre and Cupcakes - Choco-Nutty Squares

Life Gone Vegan - Gluten-free Jammie Dodgers

My Kind Closet - Shooz

myupbeetlife - Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Hazelnut Macaroons

North & South Nomads - Five Ways to Keep Fit and Active While Traveling

The Nutty Nutritionist - Diet & Fitness Trends to Ditch in 2015

pumpkin & peanut butter - Cilantro Cashew Pesto

Quinoa and Cookies - Chocolate Truffles

This Vegan Whimsy - Creamy Curried Tomato Soup with Roasted Asparagus Croutons

Vitamin Valentine - Raw Vegan Balls

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Thanks for a wonderful campaign, everyone!