I’m sure you’ve spotted many recipes on the web that integrate booze. When I was contemplating this blog, the number of different types of alcohol that I would need for recipes was staggering! With that said, I came up with a quick and creative solution: infuse your own alcohol!

When I first started infusing, I started with mostly middle-shelf alcohol. I would recommend starting with some basic types (so they don't break your budget):

  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Bourbon or Whiskey
  • Rum
  • Tequila

I grabbed a handful of mason jars and began infusing. Here are some that I started with:

  • Sliced cucumbers in vodka
  • Sliced oranges/lemons in vodka
  • Coffee beans in bourbon
  • Sliced limes in tequila
  • Whole cardamom pods in bourbon
  • Sliced ginger in vodka

Helpful tips:

Let the flavors marry for at least two weeks to a month. (Make sure to write the dates on the tops of the jars to keep track.) After, you can remove the infusers and reseal the jars. Use as needed :-)

This will prepare you for some of my upcoming recipes! From time to time, I will use non-infused alcohols, but this will get you started!

If you're concerned that your booze isn't vegan, check out Barnivore.