Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Today I wanted to tell you about a few updates that will be happening on Morsels and Moonshine. I'm sure you've noticed some of them, but here's an official announcement ;-)

New Blog Posts
When I first started this blog, I was posting seven days a week. That's a lot! It was pretty much like working a full-time job. In the past few months, I've scaled back on the number of posts per week -- and I have a beautiful index of tasty recipes! Starting next week, M&M will have two new posts each week, on Mondays and Thursdays. I have some great recipes lined up for you!

Newsletter Format
Along with the changes to the blog posts, I'm changing my newsletter format. Right now, M&M sends out a newsletter weekly. When I was posting seven times per week, I didn't want to bombard my readers' mailboxes with "junk" mail. Now, because of posting only two times per week, I'll be moving to a RSS system that sends out a email newsletter with each new blog post. It will give current subscribers an extra email per week, but I look at that as extra yumminess :-)

New & Improved Recipe Index
Over the next few weeks, my goal is to make the Recipe Index a little more visual. I want to organize the recipes by topic, type of booze, and season. Cross your fingers! At first, it may make finding your favorite recipe a little more complicated, but I hope that it will make things easier and more dynamic in the long run. You know, if you're not changing and adapting, you'll be left behind.

Welp, thanks for getting on board with my upcoming changes. I think you'll be really pleased with everything that's going on. Remember, if two times per week is just not enough M&M, follow the blog on social media! Instagram and Facebook are updated multiple times per week.