Calling All Vegan Bloggers!

Calling all vegan bloggers!   Morsels and Moonshine wants to showcase the best vegan blogs for spring break.  With that said, it doesn’t mean that you have to do extra work; please plan to do your scheduled postings.  We’re giving you the opportunity to link up with other vegan bloggers via social media.

You can share vegan recipes, fashion, DIY projects, travel tips, etc.  Any topic that can be related to both veganism and spring break!  Tag your social media with #SpringBreakV so we can easily find and feature you.  Please consider featuring other bloggers on your sites and social as well.  You can make your own “Spring Break V” page on your blog to explain the collaborative (or you totally don’t have to), or you can link here.

To be featured on the blog roll, please email by March 20, 2015 for this spring break series.  Include your name, your blog's name, one sentence description of your blog, plus your social media handles.

All posts and tags with “Spring Break V” will begin on March 22, 2015 and can continue through March 28, 2015.  It’s only one week, so M&M will do daily features and reposts on social media, with one roundup at the end.  This is just a grassroots way to get to know other bloggers with the same goals and build our tribes.

It would be great to end your posts with something like this:
This post is part of Spring Break V, a collaboration among vegan and veg-friendly bloggers. Follow along on social media at #SpringBreakV. Want to learn more or become a contributor? Find out more here.

Please feel free to use this badge on your blog posts: