No-Churn Pineapple Sorbet with Malibu Rum

It's Spring Break!!!

Not really.  When you're a grown up, there's no traveling with your besties to exotic locations.  Well, maybe there is, but not as often as I'd like!  When I was in college, the only official spring break I went on was to Las Vegas.  About 10 of us hopped on a plane from Pittsburgh to LV and had a pretty amazing time.  All of us were 21 years-old and proud to show it; sadly, I think we were only carded once or twice the whole time!  Everyone returned to school and happily survived.

It's Spring Break V this week.  It's a collaboration between vegan and veg-friendly bloggers.  We'll be offering recipes, travel tips, fashion advice, and fitness tips during this week.  Read more about it here.  There are some amazing ladies involved with this campaign.

For me, I'll be offering up some springy recipes.  Furthermore, each recipe will involve pineapple - one of my favorite foods!  You can use canned pineapple in these recipes, but fresh is the best!  It really makes a great difference in flavor.  Fresh pineapple has a robust, citrusy flavor that the canned stuff is missing.

Today, I'm featuring a no-churn pineapple sorbet.  It's so easy and so delicious.  The hardest part is slicing the pineapple.  (Or you can get pre-sliced pineapple at the grocery store.  I won't judge.)  Get the fresh pineapple for this recipe - you won't regret it!

The pineapple is so sweet, there's no need for added sugar.  The coconut rum gives the sorbet the tropical feeling you're looking for.

No-Churn Pineapple Sorbet with Malibu Rum
2 c. fresh pineapple, sliced or chunks
1/4 c. coconut rum, like Malibu

Placed the chopped pineapple in a freezer safe container, at least for an hour or two - 4 hours is probably ideal.

When you're ready to make your sorbet, let the pineapple thaw for about 20-30 minutes.

Place the pineapple in your food processor or high speed blender.  Turn the processor on and stream in your rum.  Puree until everything looks really smooth.  It will be fluffy and beautiful.  I had one chunk that wouldn't puree, but that's okay.  It gives your sorbet character.

You can eat it immediately; if you want it to be scoop-able, place the sorbet in a shallow baking dish and freeze for at least 6 hours.  After, I scooped mine into single-serving containers and put them in the freezer.  

My husband DEVOURED this sorbet!  Sometimes I have to ask him to try my creations, but I didn't even have to ask!

I hope you like the simplicity of this recipe and how delicious it is :-)