Kiwi Coconut Ice Pops with Malibu

As I mentioned in my Iced Coffee Pops post, I know - it's the winter.  And I'm making popsicles.  But spring is around the corner!  Daylight savings time is here and I can feel spring coming...slowly.

With St. Patrick's Day approaching, I wanted to do a series of recipes with naturally green foods.  Yesterday, I chose Pistachio Chocolate Truffles for the nuts' green color; today, I'm going with kiwi.  They're so vibrant and tasty!

These ice pops taste like you're lounging in paradise.  The tangy flavor of the kiwi pops in your mouth, while the coconut flavors round it out.  I'm telling you - no sweetener is needed!  These kiwis are sweet enough!  My husband has been eating two of these per day.  

This recipe is husband approved.

Note: make sure the kiwi is ripe.  If not, you may get a "extra tangy" or somewhat tart flavor.

Kiwi Coconut Ice Pops with Malibu Rum
4 kiwi, peeled/scooped
1/4 c. coconut rum, like Malibu
1 1/2 c. coconut water

Peel/scoop your kiwi.  I've found that the easiest way is to grab a spoon and run it along the sides.  After you can dig it in the bottom and pop out the fruit.

Load everything into a blender.  My pops require about 3 cups of liquid, so I filled the blender with coconut water until I reached the 3 cup mark.  Blend!

Pour the mixture into your ice pop molds.  This recipe makes about 6 popsicles.

Freeze the pops for 4-6 hours, minimum.  Overnight is best.

Enjoy these green pops for St. Patty's Day...and any other day!