M & M's Collaboration Corner

On this throwback Thursday, I want to throw it back to two prior collaborations.

I'm always looking for new ways to collaborate with others.  Being a former teacher, I tend to gravitate toward opportunities that allow me to give a few educational or instructional nuggets to audiences.  I like having the opportunity to teach people about creating full-flavored foods with healthier, plant-based ingredients.

Lizz's Creative Juices
Fredericksburg, Virginia

A few months ago, I collaborated with Lizz's Creative Juices, the only authentic raw and living foods juice bar and café in downtown historic Fredericksburg, VA and the surrounding area.  Lizz hosted a special plant-based dinner with traditional Thanksgiving and other holiday flavors.  Customers were able to sample raw stuffing, gazpacho, and mock turkey entree, as well as Lizz's fresh pressed juices.  Everything was simply wonderful!

I was able to share an adaptation of my pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.  Using mini muffin cups, I pressed a simple nut-date crust together, poured my cheesecake mixture on top, and refrigerated them for about an hour.  It's so simple, healthy, and fun to make!

For Women Only Expo
Erie, Pennsylvania

In October, I was privileged to be asked to present at the For Women Only Expo in Erie, PA.  Although I had taught thousands of lessons in the classroom, I had never done a live cooking demo before!  It was a phenomenal experience.  I prepped...A LOT.  I made sure that all of my ingredients were pre-measured in small glass containers; I wrote out nutritional information about each ingredient to be sure I shared it with my audience; and I made a batch of cheesecakes ahead of time so that most of my audience could receive samples if they wanted to.

Morsels and Moonshines Collaborative Projects 11.jpg

Making raw cheesecakes in front of any type of audience is a good way to start out.  I didn't have to rely on ovens and ranges, just my handy food processor.  (I brought mine from home to be sure I didn't run into any complications!)  It went well.  The audience was engaged and asked good questions.  Once woman asked if anything can be subbed out for the cashews, as her husband is allergic.  I asked if he was allergic to any other nuts, and she said no.  I suggested that she might try hazelnuts, as they are comparable, although I've never tried it.  (Has anyone else?  Let me know if it worked well!)

It was such a rush of adrenaline, but well-worth it.  The conference is a lovely place to go if you're in the area!  I highly recommend it.

Below, you'll find an infographic of my cheesecake recipe.  Pin it for later and make it when you're in a time crunch.  You can make it in a large, 8 inch pan, but I prefer making mine in single-serve containers.  They're more fun that way.

As I said before, I'm always looking for collaboration opportunities.  I'm open to both in-person and online tutorials and instruction, as well as custom recipe development.  I have experience with several online platforms including GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect Pro.  You can email me at aileen@morselsandmoonshine.com for more information.