Off the Grill Cupcakes with Gummy Kebabs

What could be more summery than grill cupcakes?!

Absolutely nothing.

After seeing a similar idea on Pinterest, I knew that I needed to recreate these summer cupcakes and give you some dairy-free options. These cakes have a few moving parts, but they are fairly simple to put together.

Can I tell you how difficult it is to find gelatin-free gummies? Pretty darn difficult. Amazon has some good options; my favorite brand right now is Surf Sweets. I had some vegan "Jell-O" that I cubed to make my kebabs, along with some raisins. You can also make my homemade gummies and cube them too!

Off the Grill Cupcakes with Gummy Kebabs

12 cupcakes with flat frosting, I recommend these ones!
1/2 c. vegan chocolate chips, melted (see method below)
piping bag with twisty tie
parchment or wax paper
a variety of vegan gummies or dried fruit (homemade vegan gummy recipe here!)

Heat a small pot of water over the stove for 8 minutes (medium heat). When it's done remove it from the heat. Place your chocolate chips in the piping bag and, using a twisty tie, close the large end of the bag. Place it in the water for 10-15 minutes, until the chocolate chips are melted.

In the mean time, cut a piece of parchment paper. You can also start to "string" your gummy kebabs. It looks better to alternate colors and textures.

When you're ready to pipe your "grills", snip off the small end of the piping bag with a pair of scissors. Practice making cupcake-sized circles. Remember to make extra ones too, as some may break or not fit well. Once the circles are made, add four to five grill lines to each circle.

Once you've piped all your chocolate (or run out of room), place the sheet of chocolate in the freezer until it hardens.

Assembly: gently pick up your chocolate grills from the parchment and place them on each cupcake. Add your own gummy kebabs to the grills. It's a great recipe to flex your creativity!

I took four of mine over to a friend's house in a cute little striped box - it made them look extra fancy and gourmet! 

I sincerely hope you love these cupcakes as much as I do :-)


PS - Gimme a shout out on Twitter or Instagram if you recreate this recipe! I love to see your work :-)