Peach Tea Ice Pops with Bourbon

It's getting to be summer, ladies and gentlemen!  You can feel it in the air; Virginia's been filled with warm breezes and sunshine.  We can't seem to get enough!  Our little pack has been hiking and sitting outside as much as possible.

What's more? We're moving to warmer climates this summer.  In August, we'll be moving to South Carolina - it will be hotter, stickier, and swampier than Virginia.

With the move coming, I need to practice blending in with southerners.  I'm a Yankee at heart.  Virginia is technically the south, although there are a lot of transplants here.  But I'm moving to the deep south.  We're practically going to be living in Georgia!

If I'm correct, southern people love tea, peaches, and bourbon.  This is my first recipe in anticipation of the move.  It's easy to make and quick to assemble.  You can use any black or green tea, but I found this organic black/green blend from Tazo - it even has peach flavor built right in!

As a side note, you need to be exact about the booze you put in here.  First, buy some BPA-free ice pop molds that you like.  I got some "slow pop" Zoku molds from Amazon that I really like.  I bought a cheaper second set and they suck.  I gave them away.  They were hard to get out of the molds and broke easily.  Womp womp.

Next, find out how much liquid they can hold.  My pop mold holds about 3 cups of liquid; only 1/4 cup of that can be booze.  Remember to keep this ratio or your pops will never harden correctly.

 1 can (about 12 oz) of canned peaches, or 1 1/2 c. of fresh sliced peaches
1/4 c.  bourbon (learn more about infusing your own liquor!)
1 c. iced tea, plus more as needed

Need extra sweetness? Add a few tablespoons of pure maple syrup.  

Combine the ingredients in a blender.  Pour them into the ice pop molds.

Freeze the pops for 6+ hours, preferably overnight.  It's so easy to make your own popsicles!

Enjoy these ice pops as you anticipate summer!