Reading for Your Health: M&M Book Club

Nothing screams spring break (or vacation) to me more than sitting in the sunshine and reading a book.  It's probably my favorite pastime!  I love sitting on the beach or deck of a cruise ship with a good book.  Even when we visited New Hampshire for a ski trip, I brought along three books - and finished them!

Today, I want to share a few books that have helped shape my view of eating and health.  I don't follow each book's letter of the law, but I take their concepts and try to apply them to my everyday life.  Most of them revolve around clean eating and taking care of your body, as nature intended it.

***Something to remember: you can check out all of these books from your local library (most likely).  You don't have to buy them right away.  You can look through each one and decide if you want to purchase them.

First up - Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.  This book and concept was recommended to me by my Naturopath, when I went to see her in December.  D'Adamo's book explores the four different blood types and the best foods to support your body.  The idea stems from our ancestors; those with our blood types came from certain areas of the world and only ate certain things.  He suggests that we should choose foods that are easier for our bodies to process and digest.  

Certain foods are beneficial, while others are toxic.

I've been trying to subscribe to the blood type diet for about three months now.  What it comes down to is clean eating.  There isn't a ton of wiggle room, but as long as 70% of what you're eating is for your blood type, you're doing okay.  For me, my weakness is French fries.  I love them!  I'm not supposed to eat white potatoes, but I am allowed to eat sweet potatoes.  I just make sure that I eat at a restaurant that serves them!

This book is a good place to start and incorporate more beneficial foods into your diet.

Next - Reboot with Joe by Joe Cross.  Joe's story is fascinating: he was overweight, ill, and on his way out the door.  Juicing helped him lose weight and get off of his medications.  

You know how there's sometimes a movie that you can watch instead of reading the book?  In this case, there is!  I believe (as of now) Netflix has Joe's original documentary Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, plus it's sequel.  Watch them and you will see the miracle powers of juicing and healthy eating.

I was just talking to a friend the other day: juicing makes you feel so good!  Because of the raw enzymes, it makes me feel clear and energized as soon as I drink it - truly like nothing else.  Would I juice all day every day?  No.  It's annoying to clean your juicer.

Reboot with Joe has a bunch of recipes for clean meals, juices, and smoothies.  The idea of a "reboot" comes from juicing for a few days and then switching back to solid foods.  I never did the full-on juicing for days and days, but I love his recipes.  

If you are a fan of cleanses, you will love this book.  I can't tell you enough good things about juicing though.  Consider buying a juicer or get some fresh pressed juice from a local store.  It will make you feel invigorated!

Joe's website also has great resources and ideas.

Last book for recommendation - The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder.  Ever since I turned 30, I've had painful cystic acne along my jaw line.  Apparently, it's related to hormonal changes (YAY!) and I'm always searching for little tricks to help it.

I like this book for many reasons.  First, it's written so conversationally.  It's easy to understand and it makes you feel like she's really invested in your health.  Also, it's written a little bit like a magazine in that it has mini articles on the sides about things she feels are important: foods to avoid, testimonials from her clients, etc.  Another reason to like this book: she breaks her detox into three stages and provides meal solutions for each stage.  I love that!  You don't have to think about what to eat on which day.

One thing that I've been trying to do (that Kimberly recommends) is eat raw veggies before every meal, including breakfast.  It jumpstarts your digestion and makes everything you eat easier to digest.  That's not so difficult to do!  Her detox ideas aren't so different than what I'm currently eating, so it's easier for me to tweak my foods to eat in the order I'm supposed to.  (Did you know that?  There's an order to the way you're supposed to eat certain foods?!)

The thing about this book and all the books mentioned here?  These are NOT quick fixes.  These are lifestyle changes that should be permanent.  Eat raw foods before every meal that you can.  Have juice as an afternoon mood booster/snack.  Avoid foods that cause you digestion problems.

I hope you consider reading some of these books.  They make you think about what you're putting into your body and how to make your body healthier in the long run.

Cheers & Happy Reading,