Apple Pie Ice Cream

Over the summer, we went to several creameries/farms near my in-laws' home.

One creamery had a farm connected to it where you could pet animals - one of my favorite past times - and see the crops that they had planted.  I loved it!

This creamery served apple pie ice cream...and it was phenomenal.  The rich vanilla ice cream had delicious chunks of apple pie in every spoonful.  My first thought: I must veganize this for the blog!

In my humble opinion, I've come up with a pretty delicious, practically fool-proof, dairy-free ice cream base.  With that, you can crumble 2-3 of my Mini Bourbon Apple Pies and add them to the mix.


2 cans of coconut milk, chilled for a few hours in the fridge
1 T. cornstarch or arrowroot
1/3 c. pure maple syrup
1/3 c. coconut sugar
2 T. vanilla bean-infused bourbon (learn more about infusing your own liquors!)
pinch cinnamon
1 c. crushed or chopped apple pie

Super easy - combine all of the ingredients in a blender - except for the apple pie - and make sure everything is fully mixed in.

Follow your ice cream maker's instructions.  (For mine, I have to chill my bowl for at least 15 hours in the freezer, etc.)  I churned mine for 25 minutes; it should look like soft serve.  

Spread some of the crumbled pie into a freezer-safe container.  Pour some ice cream batter in and add some more pie.  Alternate between pie and ice cream until everything is used.  Cover and freeze it for at least 6 hours.

Enjoy this amazing ice cream!

As a side note, I bought these mini ice cream sandwich makers.

I used my Stout Snickerdoodles and this ice cream to make the most perfect ice cream sandwiches - I highly recommend it!


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