Pie Crust Cookies with Bourbon Apple Butter

Man, do I love the holidays.  

It's the main time of the year when everyone is baking and sharing food.  I love trying new cookies and baked goods.  I love seeing the cookie recipes in the magazines and hearing of people participating in cookie swaps. [Insert dreamy sigh here.]

Can I tell you about how easy this recipe is?

I made this recipe for my friend Maddie's Friendsgiving last week.  The event was incredible.  Maddie takes her hosting duties very seriously: she made the cutest drink stirrers ever by buying plastic animals, spray painting them, and then drilling holes in them so that she could insert drink stirrers.  That's dedication, my friends.  

By the way, I just saw them online the other day too!  She's crafty and on the cutting edge.  I'm thinking that Maddie needs to open an Etsy shop.  For sure.

Here are some pictures of her beautiful Friendsgiving spread.  Her decorations were mostly metallic, painting pumpkins and apples gold and silver.  It was a gorgeous, abnormally warm November day in Virginia, almost hitting 75 degrees!  And there was so much delicious food!

These cookies are stupid easy to make.  Pie crust + apple butter = boom.  Cookie.

My 4 ingredient Pie Crust recipe, doubled
1 c. Boozy Apple Butter (or Knockoff Nutella!)

Preheat your over to 350°.  Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.

Make your crust as directed by my recipe - make sure that shortening and vodka are cold!  If not, you will have a gooey, frustrating mess on your hands!  This recipe makes 3-4 dozen cookie sandwiches, depending on how large your cookie cutters are.  I used a Linzer cookie cutter set for these beauties.

Roll out your pie crust dough.  Cut out your shapes, alternating between the whole cookie shapes and ones with a small hole in them (like my heart).  You want to make sure you have enough matches!  Place the cookies on a cookie sheet.  Repeat this with all of the dough - it's not bad once you get a system in place.  You may want to grab a fork and poke a few holes in the whole cookies, just so they don't bubble up.  A few of mine did, so I want to help you not have weird shaped cookies :-)

Bake these cookies for 12-18 minutes.  You want them to be slightly golden brown on top.  I used wheat flour in my crust this time, so my cookies are a little darker.  Allow them to cool completely.

Assembly time: using a spoon, dab some apple butter into the center of your whole cookies.  You don't want them to overflow too much.  Place the cutout cookie on top.  Boom.  Adorable pie cookies.  Repeat with all of your cookies.

These cookies are great for holiday gatherings and are a little different than your standard Christmas fare.  Enjoy!


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