Champagne Recipes for New Year's Celebrations

Over the past few days, I have created a few yummy treats that involve champagne.  All of them are vegan and made with whole foods.

You can easily make them for your New Year's parties, but you can also make them with your leftover champagne!  Sometimes it's hard to get rid of that old, flat stuff.

Champagne "Jell-O" Shots

It's difficult to not join in with others as they make fun (but not vegetarian-friendly) Jell-O shots for parties and special occasions.  These agar substitutes taste similar to the real thing and you can decorate them with fun sprinkles and other things.

Champagne Brittle With Goji Berries

This champagne brittle is a lot like my previous beer brittles, but maybe a touch sweeter.  The goji berries pair well with it - and they don't get too sticky, unlike dried cranberries.

Cranberry Champagne Cupcakes With Sugar Lace

These cupcakes can be made for the new year, or after, when you have boat loads of leftover champagne...that's kinda flat and undrinkable.  This recipe also uses something else that you may have laying around your fridge: leftover cranberry sauce.  You can combine that with some leftover champagne and organic sugar to make a great filling for these cupcakes.  And if you don't have it laying around the house, don't sweat it; you can substitute a different jam or just omit it altogether.

Enjoy these recipes and have a wonderful New Year's Eve!


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