A Vegan Holiday - Week 2 Round Up

Much like week one, there is lots to talk about in regards to food.  Here are the things from our blog friends that are making me hungry!

Bubbles and Booyah's Roasted Butternut Squash and Kale with Vegan Parmesan Cheeze

Can I say YUM?!  I'm a big fan of kale and squash.  Especially together.  I'm not sure why kale gets such a bad reputation in the world, because, seasoned right, it's delightful.  This concoction that Bubbles and Booyah put together looks absolutely amazing.


My mouth is watering right now!

Free2Bake's Cheeky Cheese Puffs

OMG - I love that the name incorporates the word "cheeky"!  These rolls look legit.  It is simple and can be prepared pretty quickly.  Rai says, "the whole process takes about 12 minutes from fridge to face."  I love her way with words, but I think I'll also like these rolls in my belly!

Free 2 bake.jpg

Joie de Vivre and Cupcakes' Sweet Tooth's Carrot Cake

This recipe looks phenomenal - moist and delicious!  My mom's a big fan of carrot cake, so I will have to jot down this recipe to make for her!

LIfe Gone Vegan's Disco Fries

I had never heard of Disco Fries until last week at a new local restaurant.  Essentially, they are fries smothered in gravy...and they look pretty amazing!  I always write off stuff like this because of the gravy (obvs!), but not anymore!  Perri totally saved the day - and I will be trying these!

life gone vegan.jpg

Little Miss Vegan Cakes Kitchen's Greek Asian Fusion

Very ingenious - Daisy sauteed some cabbage and cauliflower over some leftover beans and topped it all with olives.  Not only is this meal simple and quick, it sounds delicious.  I love me some salty olives; they really satisfy!

little miss vegan cakes.jpg

myupbeetlife's Coconut Persimmon Ice Cream

Confession time - I've never purchased a persimmon.  But I may have to now!  This ice cream looks divine!  I am a sucker for ice cream of all types and these flavors are really intriguing :-)  This recipe is from a few weeks ago, but this is my round up and I'll do what I please.

North & South Nomad's 10 Cooking Mistakes You're Too Smart to Make

I really love this post.  I see myself in it...A LOT.  (I just baked 5 things today and only 3 of them turned out well. Womp Womp.)  Sometimes you have the best intentions with making something and it doesn't turn out the way you wanted OR, as a food blogger, it doesn't look pretty (which is almost just as bad).  Check out this post for some help in the kitchen and commiserate with N&S Nomads.

North and south.png

Peanut Butter & Ellie's Hottie Chili

First of all, I love all types of chili.  And I love Ellie's bowl.  She has a super simple chili recipe that's sure to warm you up!


pumpkin & peanut butter's Coconut Oatmeal Cookies with Chocolate & PB Chips

Sometimes you just need a hearty, hunk of cookie.  pumpkin & peanut butter's got you covered.  This cookies look delicious and would make a great addition to any holiday party or cookie swap!

Pure Eye Dias' Raw Blueberry Lime Cheesecake

Yum - does this look good?!  Sometimes your body just craves raw food and there's not many (raw) things better than a cheesecake!  I'm putting this on my recipe list.

Quinoa and Cookies' Gluten Free Elvis Cookies

There might not be a better combination than peanut butter, banana, and chocolate.  Yum!  I'm a sucker for good cookies.  Check out this simple recipe!

This Vegan Whimsy's Shitake Polenta Crostini

OMG TVW: I have been wanting to make crostini with polenta!  How did you know?!  This recipe looks delicious and not too difficult.  And, if you're careful about the polenta you buy, this dish can also be gluten-free.

And, after you're done oogling over all of this food, be sure to check out Earth Zen Mama's Yoga Poses for a Strong Core.  That's something that I need to brush up on!  Thanks, Jenn!

Be sure to check out The Friendly Fig's round up as well.  Bianca, Sara, and I could not be more thrilled with the participation.  You bloggers are the best (and you readers too)!

Well, there you have it, folks.  If I'm going to make any of these recipes, I need run to the store.  I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I have :-)


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A Vegan Holiday - Week 1 Round Up


During week one of our of "A Vegan Holiday" campaign, we've had some beautiful and delicious looking recipes shared!  Since we're all recovering from holiday hangover, I've compiled some of the easy recipes that use some of your leftovers.

Life Gone Vegan's Sweet Potato Sandwich

What could be more delicious than using some of those leftover sweet potatoes in a sandwich?! Perri's sandwich can also be made gluten-free by using the appropriate sandwich bread.  Yum!

Little Miss Vegan Cakes Kitchen's Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

pumpkin pie smoothie.jpg

Refreshing and quite delicious looking, Daisy's smoothie helps to use some of your leftover pumpkin in a fun way!  Again, it's gluten-free and vegan.

The Friendly Fig's Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

stuffed mushrooms.jpg

Got some extra crackers laying around from holiday festivities?  Use them and other leftover vegetables in this stuffed mushroom recipe.  I can't wait to try this one!

Be sure to check out The Friendly Fig for their round up as well.  More posts to come next week!


This post is part of A Vegan Holiday, a collaboration among vegan and veg-friendly bloggers. Follow along on social media with #AVeganHoliday. Want to learn more or become a contributor? Find out more here or here