What is the #aVeganHoliday Campaign?

Created by The Friendly Fig and Morsels and Moonshine, A Vegan Holiday is a collaborative project that is designed to showcase the best vegan blogs for the holidays.  We’re giving the vegan community the opportunity to discover new blogs via social media.

Bloggers will be sharing vegan recipes, gift ideas, DIY projects, how to deal with your non-vegan in-laws, etc.  Really, any topic that is related to both veganism and the holidays!  Social media posts will be tagged with #aVeganHoliday so you can easily find these posts, much like Vegan Mofo.  

Both The Friendly Fig and Morsels and Moonshine will do weekly round-ups where we feature bloggers and their posts.  This is just a grassroots way to spread the word about vegan blogs and spread holiday cheer!

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-Aileen, Bianca, & Sara